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05.08.2023 18:17 - Market entry Antworten

Baltic Legal Market entry services are a set of business solutions fit for enterprises from any country. We provide a detailed step-by-step guide to entering foreign markets - from business assessments for internationalisation (expansion into foreign markets) to organizing a market visit to a particular jurisdiction:

Internationalisation Audit
Market Entry
Market Visit
Market Entry consultations
Internationalization Audit
Before a company expands into a foreign market, it needs to know the possible profits and risks of such actions. This is the main purpose of the Internationalisation Audit - to provide an extensive and throughout analysis of your business in order to understand, how it may benefit from entering foreign markets.

Market Entry
Market entry service is aimed at providing detailed information about the prospects of a particular business in a particular jurisdictions. We assess a company's products and working strategies, on the basis of which present a market entry plan, outlining all the necessary procedures and perspectives.

Market Visit
Market visit allows the owner/representative of a business to visit the country and meet with the potential partners and government officials to arrange the preparations for the expansion into the market. We organize all the meetings, as well as guide the client to achieve the best results. We also take notes of these meetings to provide consultations, offer changes of strategy and arrange additional meetings if needed.

Market Entry consultations
Baltic Legal provides Market Entry consultations according to the clients wishes. Whatever the question about the market entry is, we will put our best efforts to give a complete and detailed answers. Consultations about business strategy, product development, logistics and risk management in a particular jurisdiction.

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